Geothermal Loop Leasing Program

The Ground Loop (GL) will consist of the underground pipes and the portion of the pipes that are located at or near grade level including the ground heat exchanger, headering, trunk lines and the trunk line valves on the exterior of the foundation, that supply the water source to the Ground Source Equipment (GSE).

For purposes of the Agreement, the cost of installation of the GL will include all expenses for equipment, labor, materials, design work, contractor fees, administrative time, and overhead associated with the design and installation of the GL.

How the Program Works

The GSE is defined as the heating and cooling equipment past the point of coupling with the GL, including but not limited to water source heat pump(s), air coils, fans, water circulation pump(s), optional supplemental heating system and all other equipment necessary to run and operate the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The heat pump(s) must meet or exceed the minimum efficiency requirements under Edmond Electric's Heat Pump Rebate Program.


  • The customer must be served by Edmond Electric.
  • Be the owner of or have entered into a land lease agreement with the City of Edmond for the property on which the GL is to be located.
  • Customer must be in good standing with Edmond Electric.
  • Customer agrees to use IGSPHA certified contractors.