Permits & Licenses

City Permits & Licenses

The following permits and licenses can be purchased through the City Clerk’s office during city office hours. You can find these applications by visiting the City Clerk's Office at 24 E. First Street.

If you are an Edmond Utility Customer and live within the corporate city limits of Edmond, you are not required to hold a permit for a garage sale.

 Permit Type  Fee
Affidavit of Property Owner No Charge

Annual Solicitors
*See packet

New Rules for Solicitation - Passed during the Aug. 13, 2018 City Council Meeting.

$35 investigative fee (included with cost of license)
$75 per year

Outdoor Seller
*See packet

 $50 for 30 consecutive days
Chickens or Laying Hens
*see details
Distributing Flyers No permit required
*see guidelines
Food Trucks

No permit required
*see details

Garage Sale
*Sale must be in Edmond corporate city limits
No license required
Liquor Tax
*see packet


Bail Bondsman
*see packet
$50 per year

Medical Marijuana

OMMA Certificate (required for all business types) 
Additional Info for Growers (only for Growers)
Additional Info for Processors (only for Processors)
Ordinance for Medical Marijuana Business Establishments

All forms should be submitted to the Edmond City Clerk's Office.

Dispensary - $615 Annually
Grower - $750 Annually
Processor - $750 Annually
Mobile Home Park Based on number
Non-Human Primate

$25 annual registration fee per animal
*see details

Registration of Vicious Animal Varies
Arcadia Lake annual passes are sold only at Arcadia Lake.

The City Clerk’s Office offers the following payment options: cash (must be exact), check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.