Municipal Court

About the Municipal Court

The Edmond Municipal Court is committed to providing a positive service by acting as a link between you and the court processes. As part of that service, we have provided information about the operations of the court and answered many frequently asked questions here on our web page.

Municipal Court Jurisdiction

The court has jurisdiction for all violations of City of Edmond ordinances. The court hears and decides cases based on adopted city ordinances for citations and warrants issued by:
  • Animal Control
  • Building Inspection
  • Communications Department / Alarm Specialist
  • Community Image Code Enforcement
  • Edmond Electric / Meter Division
  • Edmond Fire Department
  • Edmond Police Department
  • Engineering / Environmental Department
  • UCO Police Services

Municipal Juvenile Court Jurisdiction

The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction for all cases that involve those under the age of 18 who have violated the city's nontraffic ordinances.

Available Parking Map-Downtown

Edmond Ordinance Code Book

View the City of Edmond Code of Ordinances.