Alive at 25

Alive at 25 is a survival course developed by the National Safety Council and is designed to prevent the number one killer of teens - automobile accidents.

To prevent the deaths of young drivers in our community and to make city streets and highways safer, the Edmond Police Department has implemented the Alive at 25 program, which is aimed at drivers in the high risk 16 to 24 age group. The program is in partnership with the Oklahoma Safety Council and the Edmond Municipal Court.

Statistics and Young Drivers

  • Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for people ages 16 to 24.
  • Three out of four deaths in this age group are caused by traffic crashes.
  • According to 2007 statistics from the City of Edmond Traffic Engineering Department, 62% of automobile crashes involved a driver in this age group.

Program Format and Content

  • The program consists of one four-hour course taught by Edmond Police Officers.
  • The program is focused on behaviors and decision-making skills displayed by young passengers and drivers.
  • Instructors have candid conversations with students about what can happen if they practice risky behavior or make other poor decisions behind the wheel of an automobile.
  • Discussions and interactive teaching tools explore behaviors and their implications.

A Court-Ordered Program

The course is a court-ordered directive for drivers in the 16-24 age group who have violated City of Edmond traffic ordinances.

Who to Contact about the Program

Questions about the program can be directed to Lt. Todd Strader by email or by calling (405) 359-4442.