Urban Forestry



The purpose of Edmond’s Urban Forestry Department is to promote, preserve, and enhance Edmond’s regional urban forest and overall environment through outreach, active forest resource management, and sustainable environmental stewardship as Edmond grows and develops. These visions contribute to improved quality of life and positive social experiences for the Edmond community.

Why It's Important

Have you ever asked yourself why it is important to plant and preserve trees? Edmond’s environment depends on them. Historically, Edmond’s landscape has been densely covered by Cross Timber forest, with trees such as post oak, blackjack oak, red bud, chinquapin oak, and black walnut. Over time, this historic “remnant” forest has been reduced, due to settlement and effects of population growth. Edmond’s Urban Forestry Department exists to provide stewardship for the urban forest, managing the tree resources in the Edmond community to sustain and improve them for future generations.

Current Happenings