Site Characteristics

Choosing a Site for Your Tree

When selecting a tree for your yard, it is important to realize that every tree is not suitable for every site. You could be setting yourself up for failure if your heart is set on having an eastern dogwood tree here in Edmond just like the one your grandmother had in Arkansas when you were growing up. Conditions between the two places are just too different.

Learn about your desired species, and then compare what that tree needs to what your site is like. If the tree and site (meaning the geographical region as well as location in the yard) don’t match, the tree might be doomed from the start.

Site-Related Issues

To learn more about the site-related issues listed below, view the Factors Affecting Species Selection bulletin. Some of the factors that may affect species selection include:
  • Drainage and soil water
  • Light constraints
  • Minimum temperature
  • Pest and disease problems
  • Soil conditions
  • Space availability
  • Tree function

Tree Selection

For additional information about species selection, view the International Society of Arboriculture article on Tree Selection.