Bicycle Edmond

Welcome to the City's Bicycle Edmond website. This is the place to stay informed about the city's plan to make Edmond a more bicycle-friendly community. The Edmond Bicycle Committee was established in 2006 to review and provide recommendations to the City Council regarding bicycle safety, education and the utilization and creation of bicycle trails, lanes, paths and signage in Edmond. The Edmond Bicycle Committee meets the second Friday of each month at 7:30 AM in Room 104 of the Planning and Public Works Center. If you have an interest in bicycling, we would love to have you attend a meeting and participate in activities to improve the bicycle-friendliness of Edmond.

Upcoming Events:

Event Date Event Name Location Time Cost
Sunday, September 8   OBS STREAK Mitch Park 7:00 am Register
Thursday, September 12 Bicycle - Pedestrian Counting Project TBA 5pm - 7pm N/A
Saturday, September 14 Bicycle Pedestrian Counting Project  TBA 10am - 12pm N/A

Friday & Saturday, September 25 & 26

Oklahoma Bike Summit 

Register & Learn More

Friday - Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation

Saturday - Devon Boathouse

Friday -  8:30am to 4:15 pm

Saturday - 9am to 5pm

Friday - $100

Saturday - $25

Smart Cycling Class:

Become a confident rider and improve your bicycle handling skills. Learn to ride safely and properly on roads, in traffic, and on multi-use trails. Class will consist of an online portion in advance of the class, classroom information, parking lot drills and a bicycle ride around Edmond on various types of bicycle facilities. Participants will also learn how to fix a flat tire. Class will be cancelled in the event of rain. 

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